Investment Focus

Evolvence Capital believes its geographic location provides a competitive advantage over those hoping to extract value from well capitalized emerging markets; such as the Middle East and India.  The Middle East and India have a long history dating back to the days of the “silk road” and it is only through cultural knowledge and proximity that hidden risks and returns can truly be understood.  We believe an abundance of opportunities exist for the foreseeable future.

Evolvence Capital’s two geographic areas of focus are; India and the Middle East.  We believe returns in India are best maximized either through a diversified portfolio or economically resilient industries which led to the development of both the India Fund of Funds platform and a direct private equity vehicle focused on Life Sciences.

Investment Focus in the Middle East

Evolvence Credit Opportunity Fund
In the Middle East, Evolvence participates through opportunistic strategies such as; regional public market and credit strategies and direct.
Ginza Fashion
Repton Dubai