Evolvence Knowledge Investments is the education platform of the Evolvence Group. EKI focuses on establishing private schools offering a variety of curricula in the GCC region. By doing so, it aims to capitalise on the strong demand for high quality, internationally recognised curricula in these underpenetrated education markets which are characterised by a growing young local and expatriate population. In 2006, EKI partnered with Repton School of the United Kingdom, a prestigious Derbyshire-based independent school with more than 450 years of education excellence, to offer British independent school curriculum education in Repton schools across the GCC region. The first school to be launched under this partnership was Repton School in Dubai which opened its doors in the academic year 2007-08. EKI is the majority shareholder in Repton School. Repton UK provides guidance to Repton School  board of governors through its direct representation on the board and assists Repton School’s senior management in setting up the curriculum and quality control.
Evolvence Knowledge Investments intends to
capitalise on Repton School’s success and its
management team’s proven and extensive industry
expertise by expanding its Repton schools network in the GCC
with immediate growth plans in the UAE and Qatar. Concurrently,
EKI is actively seeking new partnerships with schools in Europe,
North America and Asia to diversify its offering. EKI has also launched
its own early learning platform under the brand name “Dovecote” and
has bought a majority stake in Abu Dhabi’s oldest nursery “Humpty
Dumpty” to complement its schools portfolio. Foremarke School,
partner school of Repton UK’s preparatory school, Foremarke Hall, opened in Dubai in September 2013.  Repton School Abu Dhabi also opened its doors in September 2013.



Following the successful establishment of Repton School Dubai, Evolvence Knowledge Investments intends to expand its schools network and other educational services throughout the GCC, with immediate plans to:

– Open multiple Dovecote nurseries in Dubai;
– Open multiple Humpty Dumpty nurseries in Abu Dhabi;
– Open a Repton school in Doha.

EKI is leveraging the Evolvence Group’s network in order to collaborate with strategic local partners to co-develop the new schools in selected areas other than Dubai.

EKI will be mainly responsible for setting up and operating the school while using its partner’s local expertise and network to expedite obtaining the necessary licenses and funding, if needed, as well as securing prime locations. Each school is or will be majority owned by Evolvence Knowledge Investments. EKI is also tapping into the attractive pre-school and early years’ education sector through establishing its own early learning centers under the name “Dovecote” and acquiring a majority stake in “Humpty Dumpty” of Abu Dhabi. The offering of a proper Early Years curriculum as well as affiliation with prestigious schools, will render these nurseries extremely appealing for parents seeking quality education for their children.