• Welcome To Evolvence

    Established in 2001 by Mr. Khaled Almheiri, the Evolvence Group has benefited from his investment management expertise gained at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority‘s (ADIA) North America equities desk to take on advisory and placement roles. The Group has since experienced phenomenal growth and success in its business activities, the result of its philosophy of identifying and meeting the needs of its target markets.

    The Group was one of the first international players to realize the potential of India, and launched in 2005 its Indian private equity platform. It has sponsored two India focused private equity funds through its asset management arm, Evolvence Capital Limited.

    – Evolvence India Fund is the first and largest fund of funds platform in India.

    – Evolvence India Life Sciences Fund has emerged as one of the few pure play private equity funds in India with an active ownership model.

    In 2006, the Group laid the foundation of its education platform to meet the rising demand for quality education in the GCC region. The Group’s first school, Repton School Dubai, admitted its first pupils in 2007 and is now regarded as the premier private school with a boarding program in the Middle East. In order to build on Repton School Dubai’s success and its management team’s proven industry expertise, Evolvence Knowledge Investments Limited (EKI) was formed in 2011 to develop and grow the Group’s education platform.

    The Group set up its retail platform with the launch of Ginza Fashion LLC in 2007 in order to tap into underserved segments of the lucrative medium to high end fashion retail market in the GCC. Ginza Fashion has managed to succeed in spite of difficult market conditions, and grown both its brand portfolio and number of stores. The Group has recently expanded its retail offering to include food and beverage based on propriety research which revealed gaps in the market for a number of cuisines.

    The Evolvence Group seeks emerging trends, identifies top performing investment opportunities and develops products that capitalise on these opportunities in order to achieve superior, non-correlated returns for its investors and shareholders.
    The Board of Directors of the Evolvence Group comprises six members with diverse business backgrounds. Mr. Khaled AlMheiri is the Group’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.