Asset Management

Evolvence Capital was formed in 2001 and represents the backbone of the Evolvence Capital. It has emerged as a leading private alternative asset management firm focused on the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and India. Evolvence Group is dedicated to offering timely alternative investment products to the world’s preeminent sophisticated investors, including large public and private pension plans, foundations, endowments, family offices, financial institutions and qualified high net worth investors. Our local expertise gives us a distinct advantage in managing the complexity of the MENA/India investment markets. ECAP adheres to a focused strategy of generating attractive returns without commensurate risk; a balance we believe can only be achieved by becoming a “knowledge warehouse” in a few key geographies.

Both MENA and India offer attractive potential for returns, which can only be exploited in a limited-risk fashion through an unmatched understanding of their unique economic drivers, competitive hurdles, and cultural underpinnings. Since inception, dedicated teams of highly skilled specialists have been positioned in each market, creating a superior library of market specific data. Time is very much the key and an irreplaceable element of our success as one of the first “on the ground” alternative asset management firms in the region. This industry experience and deep knowledge is backed by our strong product development and structuring capabilities. Evolvence Group provides a selection of absolute return products across asset classes and investment styles currently focused on India