consg1Ginza Holdings Group Inc (Ginza) aims to unlock value in the retail sector in the UAE and broader GCC region. The young trend conscious populations, trade-friendly policies and thriving tourism industries in these geographical areas provide tremendous opportunities for growth. Ginza has three entities operating under its umbrella: Ginza Fashion, Ginza Restaurants and Ginza Fashion Arts. In early 2007, Ginza realized the existence of a gap in the mid to high-end fashion retail segment as many interesting brands with strong potential were still not represented in the market. As a result, Ginza Fashion was launched with a strategy of partnering up with international fashion brands to open outlets in the GCC region. Ginza Fashion’s decisive factor in picking its partners lies in their brands’ appeal to the domestic market’s taste. Ginza Fashion’s brand portfolio includes globally renowned brands such as Zadig & Voltaire, Paule Ka, Nina Ricci and Herve Leger. Ginza launched its food and beverage subsidiary, Ginza Restaurants, in early 2012 after commissioning a proprietary market study which revealed that various cuisines are significantly under-represented in the Dubai casual dining scene. Ginza Restaurants adopts a similar strategy to that of its sister Ginza Fashion in sourcing high caliber, lesser known brands and developing them into top tier
brands in the region.
It also develops its own concepts on an opportunistic basis. Ginza Restaurants has successfully launched its first restaurant, Brandi Pizzeria, in August 2012 in partnership with Brandi Pizzeria of Naples which is the one of the oldest pizza shops in the world. In addition to rolling out Brandi Pizzeria in Dubai and the UAE, Ginza Restaurants has a healthy pipeline of other projects in the short to medium term. Ginza Fashion Art is the latest addition to the Ginza family. It is a global collaboration between artists and fashion experts geared to produce ready to wear artwork. Ginza Fashion Art is an online retailer which caters to all photography enthusiasts who value art represented on garments. Ginza Fashion Art’s strategy calls for engaging with famous photographers to display their artwork on its website, for a very limited period of time, and give clients from all over the world the chance to buy their desired artwork on hand woven Italian cotton tops. Its unique proposition lies in both capping the number of garments sold with any given photograph and changing the collection frequently, thus creating the exclusivity factor which all art collectors strive for. For more information: